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About Us

Howard Little Excavating Ltd. Howard Little never expected his one-man operation 30 years ago to become what it is today. With sales exceeding seven figures this year and almost 65 people on the payroll, Howard Little Excavating in Cambridge is known throughout Nova Scotia - for the big jobs and the small.

Today, Little’s company bids on million dollar projects. He’s built municipal sewage treatment systems and landfills, contracts with the province and municipal units on road work, does major commercial site development, operates several gravel and topsoil pits - “but I like to be able to help people with their small jobs. “I get in the backhoe sometimes, and I’d prefer to do that,” he says. His reputation not only helps land jobs for the business and its employees, but it’s important personally. “We’ll do it right, whatever it takes. My people are trained to do that, and they know how I think. I won’t have it any other way.” Little loves his business, and has seen tremendous change in the skills his staff need to meet technical standards, safety practices and equipment.

Work standards have changed a great deal - for the better, as far as safety and environmental impact goes - in the excavating business. Howard Little and his operators work hard to maintain Nova Scotia safety accreditation on a day-to-day basis.

Howard Little Excavating Daily News 30th Anniversary pdf (click here)

Howard & three sons all of whom work in the business.(left)