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Specializing in digging foundations, service lines, septic systems, drainage ditches and pools. We have several excavators in several sizes, with wrist buckets and thumbs, to suit your needs for both residential and commercial sized projects.


We can take apart, remove and dispose of old buildings, burned remnants or concrete slabs, foundations and walkways.

Retaining Walls

We can build rock walls for esthetic landscape purposes or as retaining walls. As well, we can prepare your site for landscaping with sand, topsoil and gravel products.

Road & Driveway Construction

We can make new roads and driveways as well as repair or improve existing roadways.

Asphalt Paving

For Residential and Commercial customers. Specializing in all areas from patch paving to parking lots, driveways and roadways. No job is too big or too small!

Sand and Gravel Manufacturing & Distribution

We have several dump trucks and trailers which can deliver loads of sand, topsoil, rock and gravel. We also have a special piece of equipment called a Slinger that will place your product for you instead of having to rake or shovel it (check out our video in the sidebar). We manufacture many varieties of aggregate products and screened topsoil for all your project needs.

Sewer & Water Systems - Commercial & Residential

We can help plan and dig for your specific septic needs with expert QP2 Certified Installers on staff.


Hydro-seeding is a fast and effective way to get a new lawn and contains no chemicals. It's just a mixture of water, mulch and grass seed. Once the mixture is sprayed on your lawn the mulch acts like a sponge absorbing water giving ideal conditions for healthy grass to grow relatively quickly.

Oil Spill Clean Up

Offering solutions for optimal oil spill response and recovery; we are able to deploy to the scene rapidly and effectively to best serve the environmental needs of corporations, the public and ecosystems.

Snow Removal & Sand/Salt Distribution

Commercial snow plowing, snow removal and sand/salt services.

Magnesium Chloride Dust Control

This is a hygroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. Magnesium Chloride binds fine dust and aggregate to keep surfaces stable and dust free; ideal for gravel roads, parking lots and construction areas.

Machinery Rental/Operation

Excavators, Dozers, Backhoes, Graders, Compactors, Slingers, Trucks (single axle, tandem, trailers & walking floor trailers) and much more!

Heavy Equipment (Float) Moves

From obtaining the necessary highway permits, to loading your equipment onto our float trailer, to delivery to its final destination you can rest assured that your equipment will arrive in a safe & timely manner.

Removal of Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

Howard Little Excavating Ltd is certified to carry out any commercial or residential oil tank removal including the associated piping. We are also licensed to dispose of any contaminated waste and residuals in a safe and responsible manner.

Specialized Equipment

Available for your specific site needs, we have several specialized pieces of equipment that can make your project run more efficiently. If you need it, we most likely have it!

20ft x 8ft x 8ft Storage Containers for Rent

Providing you a better way to store - Maybe you’re having construction work done, and need a safe place for your things. Maybe you’ve outgrown your home or garage, but... don’t want to haul things back and forth to some off-site self-storage warehouse. Whatever your situation, our secure & dry containers are the perfect solution for short and long-term storage. Our containers can be used for either domestic or commercial storage and can store the contents of an average 3 bedroom home! We take the stress out of storage by bringing the container to you and picking it up when you're finished!